Living Pterosaur Investigators

Garth Guessman has explored remote tropical wilderness areas in Papua New Guinea twice. His first expedition was in late 2004, with his fellow America cryptozoologist David Woetzel. Guessman has been an ardent supporter of the concept of modern living pterosaurs. He has interviewed, over the years, many eyewitnesses and has had a few sightings of his own, as he has investigated and searched in promising areas.

He was an important participant in the History Channel's MonsterQuest expedition of 2009, appearing in the television broadcast (with Paul Nation) a few weeks later.



Paul Nation, the most experienced explorer in this field 


David Woetzel led the second 2004 Umboi Island expedition, with Garth Guessman and native interpreter Jacob Kepas. He had previously been on an expedition in central Africa, in a search for evidence for a living dinosaur.

His sighting of a strange flying light, in central Umboi Island, supported native accounts regarding ropen encounters near the crater lake the natives call "Pung."

Among cryptozoologist explorers, Woetzell is the second-most prolific writer on the subject of living pterosaurs (after Jonathan Whitcomb), with a web site titled "Genesis Park" and a more-recent scientific paper in a science journal.

As a business executive in New Hampshire, he has apparently been able to go on expeditions without external financial aid.




Jonathan Whitcomb has communicated with eyewitnesses from around the world, including Australia, the southwest Pacific, North America, Europe, and Africa



Garth Guessman (above) on the History Channel


Paul Nation has explored in Papua New Guinea at least four times, searching for modern living pterosuars. No other American visitor to these remote tropical areas has explored as many time as Nation has, in this new field of cryptozoology: living-pterosaur investigations.

He was the first cryptozoologist to record video of the glow of what investigators believe is bioluminescence of extant pterosaurs. The video footage was later analyzed by a missile defense physicist and the two lights were found to be anything but ordinary: maybe what investigators say that they are.

Nation also greatly helped prepare Garth Guessman and Jonathan Whitcomb for their 2004 expeditions.



David Woetzel on Umboi, during his late-2004 expedition 


Jonathan Whitcomb explored Umboi Island in 2004, a few weeks before the Woetzel-Guessman expedition. He did not see the ropen, but interviewed many native eyewitnesses of the elusive flying creature whose descriptions suggest a bioluminescent Rhamphorhynchoid (long-tailed) pterosaur.

Whitcomb has written more, perhaps, on living pterosaurs than all other cryptozoologists combined: three books (eight total editions), a scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal of science, and over a thousand web pages and blog posts. Although mostly in English, a few of his web pages are in Spanish, Hungarian, French, German, and Japanese.

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