Pterosaur Extinction Indoctrination

 Informal photo of a professional psychologist

Brian Hennessy, an Australian psychologist who works in China, witnessed a flying ropen in New Guinea, in 1971. (Bougainville Island is now in the nation of Papua New Guinea.)

Hennessy has said nothing about paleontology or about extinction. He just reports what he had witnessed with his own eyes.

From "A Psychologist Saw a Living Pterosaur"

"[Hennessy] saw, in 1971, a prehistoric-looking creature flying in Papua New Guinea. . . . [The creature was] black or dark brown with a 'longish narrow tail' and a beak . . . 'indistinguishable from the head.'

"In the daylight of an early morning on Bougainville Island, on a dirt road that led down to the coast, Hennessy heard a slow 'flapping' and looked up to see a 'very big' creature with a 'horn' at the back of its head. . . .[and] 'not a feather in sight.' "



                           Sketch by Eskin Kuhn, an eyewitness 

Indoctrination? Could universal extinction of all species of pterosaurs be incorrect? Yes, indeed. Americans, and others in Western countries, have for generations  been indoctrinated into extinctions of all species of what we sometimes call "pterodactyls," those featherless flying creatures portrayed as "ancient."

Standard Western paleontology is based upon assumptions about extinction. When a dinosaur fossil or a pterosaur fossil is discovered in a stratum, that layer of rock may be subject to reevaluation: given a different date based upon the popular ideas about when that species lived and when it became extinct.

But what if a species of pterosaur never became extinct? What would that do to paleontology, in particular with dating a stratum by the existence of a fossil of that species being found in that stratum?

Eyewitnesses, of various languages, of various nations, of various beliefs---they make the case for living pterosaurs, and human experience should count for more than the imaginative speculations of even the most educated paleontologists.

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